Science Fair & Invention Convention

On April 4, St. Charles School held its annual Science Fair and Invention Convention. Parents and family members were invited to attend and browse samples of student work. Students in grades K-4 participated in the Science Fair. Each student created a display connecting to their science curriculum. Topics included: animal habitats, physical science, earth science, physics and basic chemistry.

Students in grades 5-8 participated in the Invention Convention. Each student was challenged to “invent” a product that solves an everyday problem. Products were designed and built using engineering procedures learned in the classroom. Each student presented their invention to a group of judges. Judges included engineers, development experts and military personnel from Hanscom Air Force Base. Congratulations to the winners of this year’s Invention Convention!


Fifth Grade

1st  Olivia Miller, Steel Toe Riding Boot

2ndMackenzy Danley, French Fry Holder

3rd Gabriel Samra, Vented Toilet

HM Molly Murphy, Bendable Safety Sign

Sixth Grade

1st  Brady MacCutcheon, Helpful Hanger

2nd Jack Duffey, Sneaker Slippers

3rd Sean Caldwell, Fabulous Fly Swatter

HM Vanessa Privitera, Slam Dunk Cookie Kit

Seventh Grade

1st Skyler Meaney, The Sweatproof Bra

2nd Shiven Ajwaliya, The Quick Next Square Finder

3rd Kyle Matute, Self-Refilling Fish Tank

HM Evan Mahoney, Foldable Goalie Pads

Eighth Grade

1st Rohan Saini, LED Light Gloves

2nd Julia Jamieson, The Safer School Bus

3rd Jason Paganis, Goalie Pads

HM Maddie Maguire, Spongey Gloves


IMG-1091 IMG-1093