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Preschool at St. Charles

What is Preschool Like at St. Charles?


What stands out most about our Preschool program is the overall level of care your child will receive. Our team, led by Mrs. Ferlisi (please click the Curriculum button on the right to learn more about her), offers an experience that nurtures each individual student’s creativity and intellect. Here, you’ll find a 3/5 child to staff ratio which ensures that your child will receive the attention he or she deserves at this early and impressionable age. Not only will your child be part of a wonderful group of children, they will thrive in our great space — designed to enrich and encourage their love of learning.


The St. Charles Preschool Program is accessible to families of all denominations and economic levels. We offer an excellent program proven to lay the foundation for  a successful academic experience while teaching these young students to be good citizens through respect for themselves and for others. You’ll find a first rate education begins with a Preschool Program like ours, delivered to you and your family at a price that’s affordable. If you’re interested in signing up for our Preschool program, please contact us today. We look forward to meeting you and your family!




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