St. Charles School Woburn Christmas Message 2020

The end of the year presents an opportunity to reflect on the many challenges that 2020 has thrown our way. In March as the COVID-19 pandemic began, St. Charles School, like every institution in the Commonwealth, was faced with many difficult choices and decisions. Through sustained evaluation, engagement, and leadership, St. Charles School has had an incredibly successful year underpinned by the same mission-driven approach that has sustained our school, and so many students, families, and alumni in our surrounding communities, since 1884. We are grateful for the constant support of St. Charles Parish and staff, especially Fr. Capuci and Fr. Pinto. Mrs. Donna Cargill became our Principal in July. She brings a tremendous amount of experience and leadership to St. Charles School and has done an outstanding job in guiding the school through this most uncertain of years. Principal Cargill’s expertise in the classroom, along with her administrative experience, has ensured a fruitful and engaging semester of in-person learning for our St. Charles School students. Remote learning has also been an option for students and families this year. The school has invested heavily in the required technology and faculty training to ensure a rich and rewarding learning experience for all students. The St. Charles School Board has worked closely with Principal Cargill to ensure every effort is made to maximize resources to benefit the student experience at St. Charles School. Matt Henson, Senior Claims Operations Manager at Liberty Mutual, and Ruairi O’Mahony, Director of Sustainability and Asset Management at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, serve as School Board Co-Chairs this year. They are actively supported by a diverse and professional school board with expertise in education, marketing, and advancement. This Christmas season, we recognize and give thanks for the strong position our school is in. We celebrate the expertise of the St. Charles School faculty in meeting, and far exceeding, the many complex demands of educating during the pandemic. Our small class sizes, low student-to-faculty ratio (10:1) and dedicated teachers with an average of 20 years of experience, highlights the St. Charles School difference. Our teachers regularly go above and beyond for our students. In addition to academic excellence, our students have flourished socially this year. Through rigorous COVID-related planning, sanitation, and vigilance, our students have the opportunity to engage with their friends, take physical education and art classes, and be enriched by the social interactions that come from daily life at school. We know and nurture each student in our care at St. Charles School. This year, in particular, has highlighted the importance of the St. Charles School difference. As we look to the future, both short and long term, we have ambitious plans to ensure the continued growth and success of St. Charles School. We know parents have many educational options, both private and public. However, we also know that none of these options can compare with St. Charles School. Since 1884, St. Charles School has been Opening the Doors to Excellence for our students, families, and alumni. There has never been a better time to join us. Merry Christmas! For more information on Admissions at St. Charles School: